Randstad Greater China has released the new Randstad Workmonitor 1H 2022 report recently. In this survey, 54% of respondents in mainland China said they would rather be unemployed than feel unhappy in their jobs. 45% of respondents in HKSAR shared the same view.

Here are some other key highlights from the report: 

  • 44% in Hong Kong have quit a job because it didn’t fit with their personal life while 28% in mainland China did so. 
  • 50% in mainland China and 48% in HKSAR would quit their jobs if they can’t enjoy their lives.
  • 61% in mainland China and 39% in HKSAR wouldn’t mind earning less money if they felt their job contributed something to society or the world.

about randstad workmonitor. 

The Randstad Workmonitor survey highlights the greatest concerns and challenges candidates are facing in the employment market. The Randstad Workmonitor 2022 1H survey was conducted between 21 February 2022 and 13 March 2022 with 2,000 locally-based respondents in mainland China and HKSAR who are employed and aged between 18 and 67 years old.

Please feel free to download the report which comes with more data and insights on the latest employment and talent trends in China. 

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