your trusted and most valued working partner.

We focus on connecting with talent, because we understand the importance of a job in a person's life. Focusing on the relationship with our talent will also contribute to our clients' success. Matching the right talent to the right job will in turn help both talent and clients achieve their goals and ambitions.


作为专业的综合人力资源服务机构,任仕达致力于成为全球最公平、最专业的人才公司。通过四大专业领域(Operational, Professional, Digital and Enterprise),我们一方面为客户赢得高质量、多元化与灵活的人才,助力企业成功;另一方面也为人才匹配有意义的工作机会,促进发展与提升职业技能,找到目标与归属感。通过价值创造,我们期待共创更美好的未来,可持续发展。