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工作地点:上海 、北京 、苏州、南京、广州、深圳


1.  了解相关行业详情,维护好候选人关系;

2.  在资深顾问的指导下,充分了解客户公司招聘需求,搜寻合适的简历;

3. 通过有效的招聘渠道,与候选人沟通职位信息,通过面试筛选及甄选合适的候选人。


1. 大学本科、研究生在读学生;

2. 对招聘工作感兴趣,愿意尝试主动搜寻人选的工作;

3. 喜欢与人沟通,灵活,抗压能力强,善于解决问题;

4. 工作态度积极主动,认真负责。

Intern (Search & Selection)


Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Job Description:

1. Understand the related industry, and maintain good relationships with candidate;

2. Under the guidance of senior consultants, fully understand and work on the recruitment needs from clients to search suitable CVs;

3. Communicate job information with candidates through effective recruitment channels, screen and recommend shortlisted candidates.

Job Requirements:

1. Undergraduate and postgraduate students;

2. Interested in recruitment and willing to try to actively search for candidates;

3. Like to communicate with candidates, be flexible, can work under pressure, and be good at problem-solving;

4. Work attitude is proactive, serious and responsible.

如欲求职,请发送简历至:hr. recruitment@cn.randstad.com