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accenture recognized as a 25°C Employer in China.


Accenture wins the 25°C Employer Award in the 2020 Randstad Employer Brand Awards in China.

In view of the current circumstances, Randstad China has decided not to host the Randstad Employer Brand Awards event this year. Instead, we’ve made things a little more personal by bringing the celebrations to our winners. Led by Nikki Gao, managing director of Randstad Greater China, a team of Randstad consultants presented the 25°C Employer Award trophy and Accenture’s customised employer brand report to the Accenture’s leadership team in their office.

Nikki said, "As a world-leading informatics and consulting company, Accenture not only provides highly innovative services to companies externally, but is equally committed to putting their people first, through establishing a diverse and inclusive culture, and inspiring them to reach their full potential. Their dedication to building enduring relationships with their employees and empowering them to succeed has paved the way for them to be recognised as a 25°C Employer. We’d like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Accenture for achieving this accolade."

According to the Randstad Employer Brand Research, 81.18% of respondents who know of Accenture as a brand want to work for Accenture. It ranked highly in three of the top EVP drivers, including attractive salary & benefits, having a good reputation and use of latest technologies.

about the 25°C Employer Award

The “25°C Employer” concept was first put forward by Randstad Greater China in 2018. 25°C is the most comfortable temperature for people to thrive, and also the most suitable temperature for all things to grow. If a company can provide a 25°C workplace, it will create an environment where employees can be more creative and passionate about their work. From this concept, we’ve coined the ‘25°C Employer Brand’, with our Human Forward promise as the core. That reiterates our positioning, where we combine the power of today’s technology with the passion of our HR professionals to create an experience that’s inherently more human. This Human Forward ideology empowers people through innovation, as well as protects and maintains our relationships with our clients, candidates and employees at the most optimal temperature. 

about the Randstad Employer Brand Research

The Randstad Employer Brand Research is the most comprehensive, independent and in-depth employer brand research in the world, identifying the most attractive employers among thousands of companies. The research, conducted since 2000, captures the views of over 185,000 respondents on 6000+ companies in 33 markets.