Recently, our company has received many reports that some organizations or individuals have used our company's name (Beijing Randstad Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.) to illegally upload screenshots of our business license for click farming fraud. This act has seriously violated the relevant laws and regulations and infringed upon our corporate image and legitimate interests. In this regard, we hereby declare as follows:

First, we (including all companies bearing the name "Randstad") are not engaged in any click farming business on Taobao, JD or other online platforms, nor have we authorized or assisted any organization to conduct a click farming business.

Second, we carry out our daily business work strictly in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations and relevant provisions. We strictly prohibit any of our employees and their family members from doing any click farming business in the name of our company.

Third, any organization or individual who conducts any click farming business in the name of our company has nothing to do with our company and we will hold them legally liable according to law for its infringement of our legitimate rights and interests.

If you find any invitations to engage in click farming or request for transfer or payment in the name of Randstad, please contact us for verification in time. Email:

Once again, we remind all Internet users to be vigilant against recruitment scams and other types of fraud and to report directly to the local public security authorities if you receive suspicious business invitations similar to click farming.



                                                                                      2018年7月24 日